IRCS, Inc. was founded in 1983 because of an opportunity which arose due to another software firm's untimely demise.

From the humble beginnings of revising an existing software package due to the rapid changes in the behavioral healthcare industry, we have developed a competely integrated software package focused on the behavioral healthcare industry.



Began business with our first two customers as clients - COBOL based minicomputer system.


EDI/Electronic claims submission implemented.


Oracle Database and Forms and Reports product developed at one of our first customers (this product will later be known as Iris).


Clinical documentation (EMR) development begins.


Add our second client as a customer.
Add our third client as a customer.


Add our fourth client as a customer.
EDI/Electronic claims 837P submission implemented.


Add our fifth client as a customer.
EDI/Electronic remittance advice 835 receipt and import implemented.


Electronic Chart / Electronic signature implemented.


Add our sixth client as a customer.
Add our seventh client as a customer.
Implementation of new CMS1500 and UB04.
Mobile Laptop features implemented.


Add our eighth client as a customer.


Add our ninth client as a customer.
Add our tenth client as a customer.


Add our eleventh client as a customer.
Implementation of new web reporting engine.


Implementation and certification of Electronic Prescribing.
On Aug 11, 2011, Iris recieved 2011 Edition Complete EHR certification through Drummond Group, an ONC-ACB.


Development of Iris' web-based Dashboard product (developed on the same platform that Vireo would later be developed upon).


Began development of our next generation EHR and Billing product, Vireo.
Worked toward obtaining 2014 Edition meaningful use certification.


On Jan 30, 2014, Vireo received 2014 Edition Complete EHR certification through Drummond Group, an ONC-ACB.
On Dec 14, 2014, Vireo passed Drummond Groups' surveillance audit.


Existing customers, users of Iris, were brought up on Vireo. Added several new customers.


Add a new customer, and with the year being young, the future looks bright! (Ya gotta wear shades!)

IRCS, Inc growth

Over the years, IRCS has grown from a software consultant to several other areas, yet our focus has always been, and will continue to be, Behavioral Healthcare and CD Treatment agencies.

COBOL Programmers.
RPG II Programmers.
FORTRAN Programmers.
DEC (has since been purchased by Compaq which was then purchased by HP) Value added reseller.
VMS for DEC Alpha.
Oracle Forms, Reports, APEX, and SQL programmers.
Oracle Database DBAs.
Taconite Mine PLO system consultants.
Project management.